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Total Immersion Spanish
***1 WEEK = $190.00***

1 week Private 1on1 Spanish Lessons (25 hrs)
1 week Guatemalan family home stay - private room
3 meals per day with family
Daily Cultural Activities

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We offer Skype Classes. Email for details


You will receive 20 or 25 hours per week of one on one Spanish lessons. Classes are held Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 1:00pm with a 30 min break from 10:30am to 11:00am. On your 1st day your teacher will assess your current Spanish level and begin working with you to improve upon what you already know. Our program accepts beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Afternoon sessions can also be arranged from 2pm to 7pm with a 30 min break.


Each student will live with a different Guatemalan Family. You will receive a private room, with lock in the family's home. You will share the bathroom and living space with your family. The family will provide 3 meals per day during your stay. The family is also there to help you practice what you are learning in class. The home stay is an important part of the total immersion experience but it optional.


The school has daily and weekend cultural activities which include: visits to local Mayan villages and markets, volcanic hot springs, salsa and guitar lessons, videos and live conferences on Guatemalan history, culture, economy and civil war. Students are encourage to participate in these activities each afternoon after lunch with your family. Some of the activities will have small additional costs such as bus transportation or entrance fees.


¡Hola! My name is Doris I have worked as a Spanish instructor for over 20 years. I am from and live in Quetzaltenago, Guatemala but have a passion for travel taking me to many countries such as United States, Mexico and Europe (Germany, Spanish, Italy and France). Spanish school Ixchel offers Spanish language classes through Skype and in person. For the beginner and those who wish to improve their Spanish speaking and grammar skills. Classes are dynamic and tailored to each student's individual needs. All of our teachers speak Spanish as their first language, however, many have proficiency in speaking English as well. All of our teachers have years of experience teaching Spanish as a 2nd language.


Cost per week depends on how many hours you would like to study and whether you want live with a Guatemalan family. 25 hours of classes NO family = $150.00/week. 25 hours of classes including family = $190.00/week. To reserve your spot please contact us ASAP. We also offer classes via skype. The cost is $10.00/hour. If you are interested in Skype classes please email us We offer private one on one classes via Skype on a flexible schedule to meet your needs.


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Q. What does Ixchel mean? ,
A. Ixchel is the ancient Maya goddess of fertility & healing. Ix means goddess of the feminine. Chel means rainbow or light. In other words, she is the: Lady of the Rainbow, Goddess of the Rainbow and Lady of Sacred Light. She is always associated with bodies of water, lakes, streams, rivers and creeks. Anywhere you would be likely to see a rainbow. Source: &

Q. When can I arrive and start classes? ,
A. You can start at the school any day of the week as long as you have made advanced reservations. Ideally you want to arrive on Sunday afternoon so you can start classes Monday morning. However, students are accepted at the school every day of the week.

Q. Where will I be studying? ,
A. Quetzaltenango, also known by its indigenous name, Xelajú, or more commonly, Xela, is the second largest city of Guatemala. Our address is: Diagonal 8, 11-74, Zona 1 Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Here is a link to our on Google Maps:

Q. What is the cost per week?
A. $150.00 to $190.00 per week is the basic cost of the programs. Price is determined by how many hours you study and if you want a family home stay.

Q. What is included?
A. Each week you will receive 25 hours of 1 on 1 Spanish classes, 1 week family homestay + 3 meals per day (Sunday is self serve) plus daily activities.

Q. What is NOT included?
A. Each student will need to bring their own personal spending money for the lengh of their stay. Money for eating out, buying gifts, local bus fare, small entrance fees for local sites and any extra side trips ...etc.

Q. How do I enroll and when do I need to pay?
A. Please email the school to check availablitiy Once you have confirmed there is space you MUST register online prior to arrival and pay a 1 time $30.00 registration fee. This fee is not part of your tution. Once you arrive in Xela you will pay your 1st week's tuition and homestay. Tuition payments can be made by MASTERCARD/VISA/AMEX/DISCOVER, Pay Pal, GTQ (Guatemalan Quetzales) or US Dollars. Tuition payments made by credit cards or Pay Pal have an extra fee of 8%. Most students use the local ATM to get cash for tuition.

Q. How much money should I bring?
A. That really depends on if you plan to do any extra travel or make other purchases. In general if you budget $20 to $40 per day extra you should be ok while in Xela. It might not seem like a lot, however, your food, room and classes are all prepaid. So it comes down to what "extra" purchases you make, how often you will go out for dinner, if you decide to take extra excursions, side trips...etc.

Q. What clothing/shoes will I need?
A. Layers are the best way to dress in Guatemala so as it cools off or warms up you can add or subtract a layer. You should bring jeans, long pants, skirts, shorts for beach, polo shirts, t-shirts, couple sweaters, warm jacket, bathing suit, towel, wash cloth, personal hygiene items and 2 pairs of good sturdy shoes. It is common to see local women in jeans and long skirts around Guatemala. Guatemalan society in general is more conservative/religous than most western country. Therefore, more revealing clothing is NOT common. If you forget anything do not worry you can buy anything you will need locally.

Q. We are a couple or just 2 friends can we share a homestay?
A. Yes, it is possible to stay in the same house, same room or separate rooms with your spouse/partner/friend.

Q. Will I need Travel Insurance?
A. It is recommended that you check your health insurance coverage before you travel. Most policies do not cover you while traveling. It is important to ask your carrier what they will and will not cover while you are in Guatemala. If you find out that you are not covered it is recommended that you purchase travelers' insurance before your arrival. We recommend WORLD NOMADS - GREAT RATES & SERVICE Approx cost for 4 week of travel insurance $100-$200.

Q. How can I get money while in Guatemala?
A. It is recommended that students bring some US$ dollar, a debit card and a credit card. US$ can be changed at most any bank in Guatemala. ATMs are available in most banks as well. It is always best to talk to your home bank to verify fees for foreign ATM transactions to be sure of the cost before using your card. Most banks charge 1% to 3% per transaction.

Q. How to I sign up for Skype classes?
A. Please contact us by email and let us know what hours you are available. We will work with your schedule to set up a class time. Classes via Skype are $10.00/hour.


You will be studying in Quetzaltenango "Xela" Guatemala.
¡Doris es una maestra apasionada que instruye a los estudiantes con una comprensión de sus necesidades!

Doris is a passionate teacher who instructs students with an understanding of your needs!

Doris Alicia muchas muchas muchas gracias por las dos increibles semanas de lecciones de español! Yo ya extraño la mejor maestra!
Doris Alicia many many many thanks for the two amazing weeks of Spanish lessons! I already miss the best teacher!
תודה רבה רבה רבה לשבועיים כיפיים ומרתקים איתך! את המורה הכי טובה לספרדית שיש! אני כבר מתגעגע המון.